The Cathedral of Siena reopens from 1st May

Siena Cathedral guided tour

the cathedral of siena reopens its doors from 1st may 2021

siena cathedral guided tour

Finally we start again! The Cathedral of Siena with its masterpieces reopens its doors to the public from 1st May 2021. Together with the Cathedral, the other museums connected to it will open their doors again. The Museo dell’Opera, the Baptistery and the so-called Crypt. If Siena alone justifies the visit, with these masterpieces booking a guided tour becomes essential.

the masterpieces in siena

The Cathedral of Siena is considered a Romanesque-Gothic masterpiece and it houses masterpieces of all time. From the Pulpit of Nicola Pisano, to Michelangelo, Pinturicchio, Bernini as well as the inlaid floor, a unique case in the world.

The Museo dell’Opera houses the Maest√†, the masterpiece by Duccio di Buoninsegna, the father of the Sienese school of painting. Moreover, the originals of the statues of the facade of the Cathedral by Giovanni Pisano and the Rose Window to which Duccio gave his contribution. Moreover, from the Cathedral Museum, it is possible to access the famous Facciatone (the unfinished facade of the Duomo Nuovo of Siena).

In the Baptistery it is possible to admire the baptismal font by Ghiberti, Jacopo della Quercia and Donatello as well as the frescoes by Vecchietta.

Finally, in the so-called Crypt, discovered only in the year 2000, one remains enraptured before the vision of the wall paintings dated 1260-1280 and which constitute the basis of Sienese painting school.

how to book siena cathedral guided tour

Visiting Siena and its monuments alone does not allow you to fully grasp its beauty and historical importance. For this reason, book a guided tour with me, a licensed tour guide for Siena and its province. I will let you discover the secrets, the history, the anecdotes and the wonder of this city. Of course, we will also visit the Campo, where the Palio horse race takes place, and will see the Palazzo Pubblico with its great works of art.

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Cattedrale di Siena visita guidata

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