San Giovanni d’Asso dedicates the weekend of 23 and 24 March to the feast of the “Marzuolo Truffle of the Crete Senesi”, now in its 17th edition.

The Marzuolo truffle is considered less valuable than the more famous “white” truffle that is harvested in the winter months, but beyond the significantly lower price, it has some peculiarities that make it very appreciated. Its aroma is stronger and remains more present on dishes than white, with spicy and winged nuances. Like the most famous white, it does not like cooking in the kitchen and is perfect for meat dishes, fried eggs, bruschetta, even for classic noodles.

“The 2019 vintage of the Marzuolo truffle – explains Paolo Valdambrini – president of the Tartufai Senesi association – is very special. The absence of rain in our territory since the first weeks of February, has reduced the quantity but has made excellent quality products. They are not abundant but really good and this has made the prices rise a little ‘which are between 400-500 euros per kilogram.

Many appointments are organized by the Proloco di San Giovanni d’Asso and the Tartufai Senesi association in collaboration with the town of Montalcino, dedicated to the Marzuolo Truffle as the opening of the season dedicated to the precious underground mushroom that will then find its highlight in the central weekends of November with the market exhibition dedicated to the “White Diamond”.

During the days of the festival will be possible to taste the truffle Marzuolo of the Crete Senesi in combination with other products of excellence, simulations of truffle hunting and much more. It will also be possible to buy the fresh Marzuolo Truffle at the sales points of the Tartufai Senesi association and taste fresh truffle dishes at the stands of the Pro loco of San Giovanni d’Asso, as well as in the restaurants of the town.