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floor of the Cathedral of Siena uncovered - guided tour

guided tour of the uncovered Floor of the Cathedral of Siena

The floor of the Cathedral of Siena will be uncovered

from 26th June to 31st July and from 18th August to 17th October.

From Monday to Saturday from 10.30 to 18.00 (last admission at 17.30).

Sundays from 9.30 to 18.00 (last admission at 17.30).

the FLOOR of the duomo of siena

The floor of the Cathedral is one of the countless masterpieces of the city of Siena. Normally, the floor is covered but, during the dates indicated above, it will be entirely visible.

Giorgio Vasari said it was: “the most beautiful …, great and magnificent … that had ever been made”. From the XIV to XIX century, the greatest Sienese artists, in addition to the Umbrian artist Bernardino di Betto, known as Pinturicchio, created the preparatory cartoons for the fifty-six inlays.

Two techniques were used to transfer the cartons onto the floor: graffiti and marble marquetry. In the first case, graffitis were made on the white marble and were then covered with dark stucco, while in the second case pieces of marble of different colours were perfectly adjoined allowing to obtain three-dimensional and luminescent effects of incredible beauty and perfection.

the stories on the floor

Another surprising element is that the stories illustrated in the inlays draw inspiration from pagan sources (Greek and Roman philosophy as well as the Sibyls) and from the Old Testament (with the only exception of the Massacre of the Innocents which owes its presence to a historical event that occurred in 1480). A path of illumination and redemption which therefore rests its foundations not on Christianity but on the religious and philosophical culture of the time, proving the profound open-mindedness of the Cathedral of Siena to the most diverse and heterogeneous influences.


A unique opportunity to get to know and appreciate one of the greatest wonders of Western culture.

The visit can also be extended to other monuments and aspects of the culture of Siena.

Tour of the Cathedral (floor only): 100 euros

For extra hours or longer tours, please ask me.

Entrance fees excluded, reservations required.

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